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A Different Way to Blend

There are a number of different industries that use ribbon blenders to create their products.  Ribbon blenders, of course, are the most popular form of blender in most industries, largely because they are inexpensive and relatively efficient.

However, there are certain industries out there that have been switching to a different form of blender recently.  Here’s what you need to know about this new way of blending.

You can actually get better performance than from a standard ribbon blender

The fluidizer blender has been growing in popularity recently largely because it generally outperforms the standard ribbon blender.  However, because they haven’t been out on the market nearly as long as ribbon blenders, there are many people who just haven’t heard about them.

While this form of blender looks just like your standard ribbon blender from the outside, the interior will show you precisely why it can outperform your standard ribbon or paddle blender.

Extra blades

The interior of these blenders have more blades that your typical ribbon or paddle mixer.  These extra blades allow you to get more flexibility and more speed.  Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not yet have the technology to build them, and that’s why they’re still not nearly as popular as more standard blenders.

Is it a good investment?

These mixers do cost more than ribbon or paddle blenders, and it’s because they have more steel and more blades in them.  In any industry, you want to compare the cost of the equipment versus the productivity that you’ll get.


Most people who have used these new blenders have decided that it is worth the cost, as you can blend much faster with them.

While these do seem worth the cost, it wouldn’t be a horrible idea to wait and see if the cost comes down when they grow in popularity.

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